Salmon Safe

Do you often find yourself confused about the meanings of words such as "salmon-safe," "food security," "mob stocking," and many of these other new Foodie words. Well you are in luck, as a new art project and website has been launched in order to help us understand these confusing new words.

Perhaps it should be billed as the etymology of food, but instead it goes by the Lexicon of Sustainability. The Lexicon of Sustainability was created by Douglas and Laura Howard Gayeton. The project aims to take photos of farmers, foresters, and harvesters. The photographs are then detailed with descriptions of the terms the pictures aim to exemplify.

Throughout the last year and half, Gayeton has collected over 100 photos, which he will eventually release into a book. He also is planning on creating a series of videos to go along with this.

Probably most importantly is that this project is looking for additional funding to help expand their aims - if you would like to donate to this project please check out here.


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