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According to a recent article put out by the Associated Press, Michelle Obama continues her initiative to get people in more fit conditions. This time she is going after your toddler. Well it's not that bad, I promise. She recently stopped by a Washington area child care center where she watched a group of toddlers eat a healthy meal. This is part of her encouraging day care centers to help be responsible for the promotion of healthy eating habits and exercising.

The day care that she attended was CentroNia, which is already in the practice of encouraging these practices. Along with what Michelle Obama says is 1,600 other child care centers who have agreed to make these changes. The First Lady compiled a check list that she believes needs to be followed to encourage healthy habits.

Healthy Principles Checklist

  1. Encourage 2 hours of physical activity daily.
  2. Children under 2 shouldn't have screen time (television, etc). Older children should have no more than 30 minutes per week in child care, and less than 2 hrs a week.
  3. Have fruits and vegetables served at every meal. Avoid fried food and try to eat family style.
  4. Allow access to water and avoid sugary drinks.
  5. Encourage brothers who want to breast feed by providing the mother's milk or allowing them to stop by throughout the day.


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