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For those that may not have heard, Truvia is going to be selling a new product; it will be on shelves at some point this month. Truvia has created their own version of a baking blend that will have 75% fewer calories as compared to sugar. You can use it in place of sugar in your recipes safely - it bakes and chemically behaves just like sugar. Using all stevia in your baked goods can sometimes reveal unpalatable product but this new product is an exciting development.

I wasn't able to get any precise nutritional information regarding this product, but I'm hoping my local grocery stores will start carrying it soon. Reducing the amount of refined sugars in our diets should be a priority along with reducing the intake of saturated fat and this new product will be quite a boon.

I will definitely be buying this product as soon as it is available in my area - you should consider trying it and see how it compares to regular sugar! If you want recipes and more information about this, please visit Truvia.

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