You may have noticed a change to the main page here on Healthy Recipes Wiki. I have decided that at least temporarily, the food poll will not be available. My reasons for making it unavailable are very simple and I hope that you, the visitor, will understand.

I have kept a close eye on how many people are voting on the food poll for months and on average, the number of people voting has been quite low. I do not find it worth my time to come up with monthly poll questions if no one is interested in voting.

If you feel that I should leave the food poll up, please comment on my talk page. If I receive enough positive responses, I will put the poll back up. If I do not receive any responses or enough positive ones, then it will stay down. I'm not taking away the food poll completely, or forever, but at least for the near future, there will be no more monthly food poll questions.

Thank you for understanding!

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