I've greatly enjoyed my tenure as an administrator here at the Healthy Recipes Wiki. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve the wiki to provide you, the casual viewer, with fun new recipes that fit with healthy and active lifestyles.

We have a growing collection of gluten-free recipes as well as a small amount of vegan recipes and I'd like to expand both categories. The gluten-free recipes REALLY need pictures added and this time around, I can't add them since I do not lead a gluten-free lifestyle. I do make the occasional vegan recipe and of course, I add pictures. I'd love to see someone that specializes in a vegan lifestyle add recipes and accompanying photos.

Other sorts of recipes I'd love to see appear here are ones that cater specifically to low glycemic index diets or diabetic-friendly diets. I think we can all say we would like to cut out some refined sugars from our diet, and recipes fitting those categories would be greatly beneficial.

Of course, all other healthy recipes are more than welcome. Just remember that there are certain parameters that make a recipe qualify as "healthy." Please do not post recipes that are laden with butter, cream or other high-fat ingredients; I have had to delete recipes in the past because of that very reason. If recipes use very little butter or cream as an accent, by all means, please post them. Full fat ingredients can be used in healthy recipes if they are just there to provide visual excitement or if they are strongly flavored (example: Parmesan cheese).

If you think you'd like to help out with something like that, please add recipes, by all means! If you have any questions, requests or constructive criticism, please feel free to leave a message on my talk page. I will respond to any concerns you may have.

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