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  • The13thbaktun

    Salt (sodium chloride), while a necessary nutrient in our diet, is turning out to be one of Western civilization's worst enemies. Nearly all processed food is loaded with salt and we are consuming it in record amounts. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure, fluid retention (which adds strain to the heart), increase the chance for heart attack or stroke, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease. The statistics are mind-numbing; nearly 97% of all children and adolescents are consuming high quantities of sodium, which in turn puts them at risk for developing cardiovascular problems later in life.

    You might ask yourself how and why this is happening. Salt has always been known to be an excellent preservative. Over time, chemists ha…

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  • The13thbaktun

    Main Page Changes

    April 16, 2012 by The13thbaktun

    You may have noticed a change to the main page here on Healthy Recipes Wiki. I have decided that at least temporarily, the food poll will not be available. My reasons for making it unavailable are very simple and I hope that you, the visitor, will understand.

    I have kept a close eye on how many people are voting on the food poll for months and on average, the number of people voting has been quite low. I do not find it worth my time to come up with monthly poll questions if no one is interested in voting.

    If you feel that I should leave the food poll up, please comment on my talk page. If I receive enough positive responses, I will put the poll back up. If I do not receive any responses or enough positive ones, then it will stay down. I'm no…

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  • The13thbaktun

    For those that may not have heard, Truvia is going to be selling a new product; it will be on shelves at some point this month. Truvia has created their own version of a baking blend that will have 75% fewer calories as compared to sugar. You can use it in place of sugar in your recipes safely - it bakes and chemically behaves just like sugar. Using all stevia in your baked goods can sometimes reveal unpalatable product but this new product is an exciting development.

    I wasn't able to get any precise nutritional information regarding this product, but I'm hoping my local grocery stores will start carrying it soon. Reducing the amount of refined sugars in our diets should be a priority along with reducing the intake of saturated fat and this…

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  • The13thbaktun

    I've greatly enjoyed my tenure as an administrator here at the Healthy Recipes Wiki. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve the wiki to provide you, the casual viewer, with fun new recipes that fit with healthy and active lifestyles.

    We have a growing collection of gluten-free recipes as well as a small amount of vegan recipes and I'd like to expand both categories. The gluten-free recipes REALLY need pictures added and this time around, I can't add them since I do not lead a gluten-free lifestyle. I do make the occasional vegan recipe and of course, I add pictures. I'd love to see someone that specializes in a vegan lifestyle add recipes and accompanying photos.

    Other sorts of recipes I'd love to see appear here are ones that cater spec…

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  • The13thbaktun

    November Superfoods

    November 16, 2011 by The13thbaktun

    November is not just about Thanksgiving and the bounty it brings. It is also about the myriad of valuable fruits and vegetables loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals, too. There's a reason why the cornucopia is a symbol of Thanksgiving. Here is a list of 7 November super foods that hopefully will end up on your table as part of your holiday meal or just as part of your diet during this time of year.


    Clementines are loaded with vitamin C and dietary fiber. They're also delightfully sweet, juicy and make a great portable snack.


    These tasty morsels in small amounts can help curb your appetite before heading off to a large dinner thanks to the protein in them. Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats, vitamin E (especially alm…

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