It's no secret that school cafeterias are not exactly the place to go for healthy food--of course, they offer healthy food, but left to their own devices, kids will usually choose ice cream, burgers, and fries over fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

However, it looks like a simple no-cost marketing technique could transform the way kids eat in their cafeterias, especially in regards to fruit. The Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics decided to change things up in three school cafeterias--instead of placing fruits in stainless steel bins behind sneeze guards, they placed fruits in colorful, attractive bowls near the register. This little trick increased the children's fruit purchase by 103% in the cafeterias of the three schools that participated in the study.

Other techniques, like closing the lid on the ice cream freezer, can also help kids eat healthier at school.

So, do you think the fruit idea is an effective marketing technique, or do you think kids are still reaching for the candy at check-out? Do you have any other ideas for what school cafeterias can do to increase the consumption of healthy foods? Comment below and tell us what you think!


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