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Many of us have tried to eat healthier by cutting out candy and known junky snacks, like chips or sugar. However, the Leake family made a vow to go 100 days without junk food of any sort, which includes anything fried, hormones, not locally grown or raised, with refined sweeteners, and nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package with more than five ingredients listed on the label. A year later, they are still junk-free.

The resolution was relatively easy for Lisa Leake and her husband, Jason, but it became difficult to feed their daughters Sienna, then 3, and Sydney, then 5. For after-dinner desserts, they had to develop new recipes involving fruit, yogurt, and apple sauce. Stay-at-home mom Lisa had to change her routines of frozen dinners for the kids and put more effort into cooking healthy dinners.

Their weekly budget was only $125 for a family of four, so Lisa got creative, which included growing her own vegetables. However, it all paid off. The Leake family says that after just 100 days, their palates had changed and artificial food no longer tasted good to them.

Lisa's blog has proven to be an inspiration for many other families to cut out processed food. However, Lisa still faces new obstacles. With her daughter Syndey starting school soon, she fears that many aspects of school will involve unhealthy food, harder for a child to resist. She is currently encouraging the other mothers to employ similar guidelines with their kids in terms of school snacks and lunches.


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