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What is it about bacon that makes everything taste so delicious? We Americans certainly take the worship of bacon to a whole new level with questionable inventions like chocolate-covered bacon, bacon vodka, and even bacon toothpaste. The Bacon Mania has certainly taken the nation by storm. And now Denny's, the popular chain restaurant, is next to jump on the bacon wagon with renewed (questionable) enthusiasm!

Dubbed Baconalia, Denny's has taken it upon themselves to add seven brand new items with bacon as the star! What is Baconalia? Well...Denny's provides a tongue-in-cheek explanation for this time-honored tradition.

History of Baconalia

"Very little is known about the origins of Baconalia. But from what bacon scholars have pieced together from strips of ancient texts it was one heck of a bacon lovefest.

Some believe Beaconalia to be the last vestige of the Baconites, a Paleolithic tribe of fun, bacon loving people that roamed across land masses with large frying pans in search of bacon [...]"

And it goes on to explain the ritual of Baconalia...

Baconalia Menu

The new seven additions to Denny's extensive menu includes everything from an ultimate bacon breakfast, bacon flapjacks, and a BBBLT (how much bacon is too much??) to a maple bacon sundae (oh dear). The pictures of the menu alone are enough to induce [insert personal health problems of choice].

Bacon Cards

Oh and that's not all; if you love bacon this much, you can now send bacon-themed holiday cards to your loved browse the ones in the gallery and see if this makes you happy...or sad.

Bacon Music

What's better than music and bacon? Now you can sing ABOUT bacon. Denny's has three Baconalia classics that you can listen to directly from their Baconalia website.

Life after Bacon

Yes, bacon inspires the creativity and insanity in best of us. For the sake of our health, perhaps it's good to remember the wise adage: Everything in moderation! And if you're craving something sweet, you don't have to resort to bacon ice cream. There's always good old ice cream like this recipe: Banana Ice! Check out our dessert category for options that'll leave you satisfied, without bacon overload: Delicious Button!

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