An apple a day keeps the doctors away...or so the proverb goes. Apparently, that isn't always the case! According to several studies, including one published in USA Today, apples top the list of "dirty fruits" that are heavily contaminated by pesticides.

The solution? Buy organic. Despite higher prices, organic is the way to go for safe and delicious options on eating your favorite fruit if they are deemed to have higher than normal pesticide rates. If you're willing to change up your fruit repertoire, switch up the "dirty 15" fruits with the ones with low pesticide levels like pineapples or mangos.

While the scientific community has yet to ascertain the exact effect of pesticides, they are linked to cancer, brain damage (especially in younger children) and toxicity to the nervous system. Check out the list of the dirty and clean fruit/vegetable options!

Dirty 15

1. Apples

2. Celery

3. Strawberries

4. Peaches

5. Spinach

6. Nectarines (imported)

7. Grapes (imported)

8. Sweet bell peppers

9. Potatoes

10. Blueberries

11. Lettuce

12. Kale/collard greens

Clean 15

1. Onions

2. Corn

3. Pineapples

4. Avocado

5. Asparagus

6. Sweet peas

7. Mangoes

8. Eggplant

9. Cantaloupe (domestic)

10. Kiwi

11. Cabbage

12. Watermelon

13. Sweet potatoes

14. Grapefruit

15. Mushrooms

What do you think? Will you go organic or switch up your fruits? Let us know!

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