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Use olive oil or other heart healthy oils (like canola, sunflower, safflower, etc.) instead of butter when possible.

Watch what you drink! Alcohol, sweet coffee drinks, and juices can have tons of calories.

Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

Avoid garnishes rich in carbohydrates. Opt for vegetables instead!

Limit or eliminate breads or pasta not made with whole grains. They tend to have refined sugar (breads only) in them and can have not much nutritional value. Look for breads and pastas made from whole grains, as they will be made with wholesome ingredients and usually have more protein than common white breads or pastas.

Eat lean protein in the morning to stay full longer.

Drink more water! Staying hydrated keeps your body from giving you false hunger urges. Drinking water before a meal and waiting for an hour after makes you feel fuller and helps you eat less. It is better to sip water all day than to chug it a few times.

Eat small portions throughout the day instead of eating three large meals. Ideally, you should be eating around 6 - 8 times a day, with all portions being small to moderately sized and within the caloric range your body needs.

Snack on fruits and nuts instead. Trail mix is a great way to eat them, but avoid ones with sugary surprises.

Using smaller plates tricks your mind into thinking that you've eaten enough.

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Instead of grabbing a candy bar when 3pm munchies hit, grab 10-12 almonds.

Avoid products that say 'partially hydrogenated' or 'hydrogenated' (insert name of fat here). Even though the nutrition label might say there are 0g trans fat, this is patently untrue. Partially hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated fats always have trans fats in them.

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