Rape seed oil is a type of vegetable oil that's cheap and healthy. Today at least one website suggests rape seed oil is healthiest. That's very good news for anyone who wants to eat healthily without spending too much. In north America edible rape seed oil is called Canola oil in other parts of the world other types of edible rape seed oil can probably be substituted.

Rape seed oil or olive oilEdit

Olive oil was considered healthier up to a few years ago. Rape seed oil works better in many/most recipes and cooking with it is easier. Olive oil is more expensive and doesn't work well in all recipes. Food scientists agree a varied diet is good for us. So if you like olive oil a great idea is to have both olive oil and rape seed oil. You use what works best in the recipe you're doing. [1]

Limiting fat and oilEdit

We should take care not to eat too much oil or fat of any type. Meat eaters need to take extra care over fat because many meat products contain obvious or hidden fat and that's unhealthy saturated fat. Most vegetarians are slim and healthy but a few who like fried food and/or cream can have similar health problems to meat eaters.


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