About mustard Edit

Mustard is a very versatile plant which is used mostly to flavour other foods. It's seeds are used either whole, ground, or sprouted and its leaves are used in salads.

Mustard seeds Edit

Mustard seeds come in two common varieties: white (or yellow) and brown (or black). They can be "popped" in oil to add a distinctive flavour to a meal and are used quite frequently in Indian cooking.

Dry mustard Edit

Dry mustard is powdered yellow mustard seeds. It is used as a spice in many dishes.

Prepared mustard Edit

Prepared mustard is a thick paste made from mustard seeds and used as a condiment. There are many varieties of prepared mustard, but the most widely known are:

  • Dijon mustard (and Dijon-style mustard)
  • Yellow mustard (also called hot dog mustard)
  • Stone-ground mustard
  • Whole-grain mustard
  • Honey mustard
  • Hot mustard (sometimes also called German mustard)

There are also many varieties of prepared mustard which also have herbs such as tarragon included in the recipe.

Mustard greens Edit

Mustard greens are the edible leaves from the mustard plant. They are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin K.

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