Are our children eating healthily?                                                  

   That is a question that many can respond knowing exactly that our children are not eating healthy food on a daily bases. I have been observing the eating habits of my students and at times I am shocked of what I see. My students are eating fatty foods and almost no vegetable or fruit in their daily diet.

  I understand that most parents or guardians are working long hours and do not have the time to prepare healthy meals for their children, but we need to consider that our children's health is the most precious gift in their lives and ours. 

 I have been talking to my students about eating healthy and how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables everyday! Instead of eating a cheeseburger and french fries try to make an egg sandwich, tuna fish sandwich, or a peanut butter sandwich. These are not the greatest lunch, but it does have nutrients and protein that can keep you healthy, I told them. I went on to say that if they add an apple, a banana, or yogurt, it can help boost up their nutrient intake. They can even add baby carrots which are so crunch and delicious to eat at any time!

  I tried to show my students that these sandwich are easy to make and can be fulfilling and most importantly, very healthy.! For drinks, I suggested that they should drink apple juice, orange juice, milk or even water! These drinks will certainly provide a much healthier fluid intake than the typical soda or soft drink. 

 Bottom line is:  When we eat healthy, our body and our health respond positively  to our care. When we care about what we eat, our bodies produce energy for us to spend and enjoy! We not only look good and healthy, but we feel good too!    

So enjoy your next meal thinking about how good it will do to your health!

If anyone have more suggestions, please feel free to add on this site. :)

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