Spinach smoothie

Collard Green Smoothie
(looks a lot like the Spinach Smoothie
but costs a little less)

Prep Time: 4 minutes

Cook Time: 1 minute to blend

Yields: one complete diet plan meal

Description Edit

Not only is the collard green smoothie beverage healthy and complete it takes a long time to consume it with the result of keeping you from feeling hungry until time for your next meal. An added bonus is that for a health beverage it tastes garden fresh too. (BTW - add a little vinegar to liven up the taste.)

(Note: Although the ingredients listed below makes a single meal, making this into a drinkable liquid (rather than into a paste) can easily take enough water to fill two 48oz. blenders.)

Ingredients Edit

505.78 cal, 16.17% fat, 69.95% carb, 13.89% protein Edit

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Utensils Edit

  • 48 oz. electric blender
  • gram scale
  • spatula
  • leafy greens chopper
  • leafy greens spinner
  • sprayer filled with vinegar
  • sprayer filled with hydrogen peroxide

Directions Edit

  1. Spray unwashed leaves alternately with just enough vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide so they drip.
  2. Rinse after 10 seconds or longer.
  3. Remove excess water using a leafy greens centrifuge spinner
  4. Chop sanitized collard green leaves into small pieces that will fit snugly into the blender.
  5. Add to 48 oz. blender with other ingredients.
  6. Add ~40oz. chilled water.
  7. Blend on high until liquid. Enjoy!
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