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Coconut water is the liquid found inside of the coconut. As the coconut matures, the liquid is replaced by coconut meat and air. Coconut water is popular in places like Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean and Pacific Islands. Coconut water is known as buko juice in the Philippines.

High in potassium and minerals, coconut water is often marketed as a sports drink because it is great for dehydration. It is also naturally fat-free and low in calories.

Coconut water is sold in regular cans at the local grocery or health food store. If you prefer a more authentic experience, coconuts can be purchased both individually and in bulk at local farmers markets, Asian markets or in the Chinatown districts of larger cities.

Coconut water can be eaten with a spoon. When it becomes ripe, the flesh becomes coconut meat.


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ZICO sell coconut water and they have lots of different flavours.


You will needEdit

  • 2 young coconuts
  • Young coconut meat
  • 1 cup water
  • ¼ cup sugar


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