Check the contents of prepared food if you're keen to eat healthily.

A tin of baked beans can be very cheap, also very good source of protein and fibre. A whole tin may have a good amount of protein. A whole tin may also have around 16 - 18 grammes of sugar and round 2 grams of salt. Both are within recommended daily allowances but if you eat other sugary or salty foods on the same day you can easily end up above the recommentations. I fried some cauliflower in a tablespoon of rape seed oil, added the baked beans, and when it was warm put it all onto 2 slices of wholemeal bread. The bread was also good value but had just over half a gramme of salt in the 2 slices of bread so that's about 3 grams of salt in total and half the full amount of salt I should eat in a day. It tasted OK, that's probably due to all the salt and sugar.

A pack of 6 Warburtons Potato Cakes doesn't at all look like the type of eats you should avoid if you care about your health. Still we'd better be sure. Let's check! There's protein, there's not too much saturated fat, there's even a few nice vitamins. So far it's OK. Still let's check the salt content. Err... There 1.06 grams of salt 'in each cake. [1] So if you eat all 6 in one go you eat 6.36 grams of salt and that's as much salt as you should eat in a whole day. If you eat any other salt that day at all you've eaten too much.


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