There are a great many recipes for Celery soup, other ingredients are commonly added especially Potato, and the soup is often blended. [1] Celery is very high in fibre and on its own the fiber is too much even for people who want fibre in their diet. Below is how I make basic celery soup.

  1. Put some Water on the cooker, while you're waiting for it to boil prepare other ingredients.
  2. Take a reasonable sized potato depending on how much soup you want.
  3. Take 2 large to 4 smaller stems of clelery, I ofen add a few celery leaves to give a stronger celery flavour.
  4. Take some soya flour, Gram flour also works if you can get it.
  5. Take some Cheese, if you've had the cheese a long time put it into the water at once when it boils so the cheese is thoroughly cooked.
  6. Take other vegetables that are to hand (optional), fresh lemon or lime and/or Onions work, if you're not an experienced cook be careful about experimenting.
  7. Cut your vegetables up.
  8. Boil everything up together.
  9. Take a measured amount of vegetable oil (optional), I usually take a desert spoon or a table spoon full, if you're using it put it into the soup before you blend it.
  10. Blend the soup.

This soup would be very rich for the starter to a meal, I make it as a main meal in itself, it gives me everything I need for a main meal and is quicker to prepare. If you're pressed for time or if you're sick so standing a long time in a kitchen would tire you it's ideal. If you can't get soya flour where you live try mixing some Wheat flour or Cornflour (Cornstarch in US English) with some soy milk and boiling that up with the water. Blending sorts out any lumps if you can't avoid them. This gives a smoother texture which you may prefer to soy flour. Soy milk curdles easily so you need some flour or cornstarch to prevent this. Soy milk also boils over easily so you need to cook it carefully. If you're using milk or soy milk leave out the lemon or lime as the acid there would make curdling more likely.


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