Low cost recipesEdit

Jack Monroe, also known as "A Girl Called Jack" has a website with very low cost recipes that taste, well like what you get in some classy restaurants. Most of Jackie's ideas are healthy. [1]

  • Do you find it hard to pay for your Internet connection as well as all those other bills?
  • Are you working to pay off those debts you ran up while you were at college?
  • Are you at college and keen not to run up heavy debts?
  • Do you feel like food that tastes great despite being inexpensive from time to time? Perhaps that happens, when a major bill comes in towards the end of the month, when you're saving for a holiday, when you're short of cash after Christmas.

Anyway below is the website of Jack Monroe.

A Girl Called Jack

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  1. I use olive oil as well as the canola type oil Jackie recommends. A varied diet is better.

Standard cost recipesEdit

Below are pages from the website of the UK Cooperative Society

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