Many but not all of the recipes in this category include sugar or honey which contains sugar. In a healthy diet the amount of sugar eaten daily should be limited, see Sugar and health.

Recent research suggests one harmful effect of sugar has been overstated. Sugar in drinks make harder for the body to control blood sugar but many other foods including baked potatoes (normally considered healthy) have similar effect. [1] Boiled sweets are likely worse than sugary drinks. Potatoes of course have vitamins, fibre and other healthy ingredients while sugar is empty calories. The drinks in this section also have healthy ingredients as well as sugar.

Would you otherwise be tempted by very self indulgent recipes on other websites or self indulgent drinks on sale at supermarkets and other places? If that is true you can benefit form switching to these recipes with lower sugar content. Is your partner used to eating desserts, drinks and the like and/or tempted by very self indulgent dishes available elsewhere? Try making the dish for yourself first, it should be really scrumptous and tasty for your partner so your partner will want to keep eating healthier dishes.

In many of these recipes some or all the sugar can be replaced with artificial sweetners like stevia. People making them may feel like experimenting.


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