Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Yields: 4 servings


Each Wednesday, our CSA box arrives – overflowing with all sorts of seasonal goodness.   Carrots, kale, apples - all the old standbys.  This past week, we had a new addition – sweet yellow peppers. I have to admit, I was a bit stumped at first.  What to do with these little golden beauties?  I am not a big fan of raw peppers – a bit to waxy and tough for my liking (unless well hidden in a chopped salad).  They were too small to be stuffed.  Roasting them is always a tasty alternative but I was looking for something a bit lighter. Once again, Nigel Slater’s book Tender undefined provided some much needed inspiration.   I ended up playing with his baked pepper recipe a bit, making use of what I had on hand.  The prep work was simple and quick  – the outcome delicious.  I ended up eating mine straight out of the pan.  But it would also make for a great sandwich with goat cheese or over some brown rice with sautéed greens.  Food for thought.


  • 5 small to medium size peppers
  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • olive oil
  • pinch of salt & pepper
  • balsamic vinegar


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. 2. Cut the peppers in half, remove the stems and seeds and place cut-side up in a heavy-duty baking dish. 3. Slice the tomatoes into quarters or eighths. Sprinkle them with a pinch of salt & pepper before layering them in and around the peppers. 4. Pour a little olive oil on each. 5. Bake for about 45 minutes, until the peppers and tomatoes are soft. 6. Drizzle with a bit of balsamic vinegar before serving.

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